4 Benefits of Combining Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Massage

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Aromatherapy Massage blends the power of essential oils with massage treatment to provide benefits to both the mind and the body.

Massage has therapeutic properties because it stimulates the circulatory, neurological, lymphatic, and musculoskeletal systems. Aromatherapy, which combines therapeutic qualities and fragrances with a massage treatment, can provide an additional degree of relaxation and healing. Combined, they make for an amazing form of wellness regime.

Read on to find out the benefits of combining essential oils and aromatherapy massage treatments.

Putting Two and Two Together

Massage treatment and aromatherapy are well-known for their benefits to both the body and the psyche. The combination promotes physical and psychological well-being. Furthermore, aromatherapy massage is a fantastic alternative strategy for producing more tailored health and wellness advantages for a wide range of people, depending on their medical history.

Through generations, aromatherapy has been widely available to everyone. Applied to a person by massage, inhalation, compresses, or a bath, it involves using essential oils to enhance psychological and physiological wellness.

When putting two and two together, aromatherapy and massage allow the therapist to make a specialised blend of essential oils to use while performing the massage. The aromatic smell is meant to relax the body, calm the mind, and reach particular massage goals.

The Beneficial Claims

1. Enhanced Healing Properties

Aromatherapy massage can aid in both mental and physical healing. Massage therapy promotes healing by manipulating the body’s soft tissues, resulting in improved circulation, pain relief, reduced swelling, rapid injury healing, physiological function restoration, and tension relief.

Tip: Use sweet marjoram essential oil for muscle spasms, bruises, sore muscles, and headaches or migraines.

2. Improved Relaxation and Mood

A massage is highly soothing on its own, but when combined with the capabilities of aromatherapy, essential oils have a complementing impact. Essential oils have been used for decades for their mood-lifting effects, and incorporating them into a massage may improve your mood and general well-being.

Tip: Use orange essential oil to energise you in the morning and lavender essential oil to give you quality sleep at night.

3. Better Overall Emotional Health

Scent, emotion, and memory are all controlled by different parts of the brain. With aromatic essential oils, certain smells can elicit good memories and sensations, which might help with emotional well-being.

Tip: Grapefruit essential oil is a great essential oil for anxiety as it stabilises your emotions and keeps you calm and relaxed yet alert throughout the day.

4. Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Additional pain and inflammation relief can be obtained by using essential oils directly to the skin in the form of massage oils. Refreshing massage oils can help relax and soothe muscles, improve circulation, and stimulate tissues during a therapeutic massage.

Tip: The cooling properties of peppermint essential oil invigorates skin-deep and effortlessly soothes any type of discomfort.


When it comes to overall well-being, it’s essential to trust your senses. Essential oil scents help you keep calm and grounded, especially after stressful events and minor or major injuries. On top of this, it encourages you to release tension both mentally, physically, and emotionally. An aromatherapy massage treatment is definitely an experience you can indulge in every once in a while.

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