Answering Questions on the Use and Storage of Essential Oils

storing essential oils

Essential oils are one of the most revered tools when it comes to boosting one’s mood and health, thanks to their aroma and therapeutic properties. It can be quite a luxury to use, with many sharing their success stories when utilising them and integrating them into their daily life.

However, as known as essential oils are, it still can’t be helped that there are questions. Most may pertain to the safety of essential oils, while others are about how essential oils should be used and how they should be stored. 

Here are some answers to those common questions.

What Essential Oils Are Safe to Use?

With all things considered, yes, essential oils can be safe to use as long as you have a gentle hand and are particular about who you’re applying the essential oils to. Some blends can be rather potent on another person, potentially due to asthma or other conditions. Knowing that ahead of time is a must.

Be sure to consult your doctor if you’re interested in using essential oils when you have any existing conditions. Even if you’re given permission, conduct a patch test with the essential oils you desire to use.

What Essential Oils Should I Use?

If you’re only starting out using essential oils, do some research on what exactly your goal is from using them. Different kinds of oils can provide various benefits, so knowing what you want to achieve can give you some direction about what to use.

Basic essential oils that are often recommended for first-timers are normally lavender and peppermint. Those two essential oils have been known for their pain-relieving and calming properties. 

Can I Use Essential Oils Every Day?

It is possible, but you don’t have to feel pressured to use them every day to get their effects. Just take it slow as you start incorporating them into your usual routines, such as taking a relaxing bath or tidying up your home. Investing in a diffuser can also really help. 

Can Pregnant Women Use Essential Oils?

It can depend on the essential oils’ potency. Some may be too much for use during pregnancy and may trigger bleeding. Consult with a medical professional to learn whether or not the essential oils are safe for use during pregnancy.

Can Children Use Essential Oils?

Similar to pregnant women, it can depend on how strong the essential oils are. Children have a less developed system that is prone to more risks of toxicity and allergic reactions. Consult with a medical professional and research thoroughly on other parents’ experiences.

Can Animals Use Essential Oils?

Many pets can have an adverse reaction to essential oils. Many suggest diluting the essential oils if you’re adamant about using them on your pets. Still, it is highly discouraged to avoid exposing pets to essential oils unless these oils were explicitly stated and verified to be animal-safe.

How Are Essential Oils Stored?

Essential oils should be stored in glass bottles, preferably darker-coloured ones, to help protect the liquid from oxidation. It’s also recommended to label your essential oils properly and keep them in a cool place. 


Gaining more insight into the use and storage of essential oils can help you enjoy their benefits more and use them safely. Just remember to be cautious when using it and do the research when necessary. Don’t be afraid to seek and consult a medical professional on the matter.

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