Choosing Between Essential Oil Spritzers & Roll-on Bottles

essential oils bottle

If you are fond of essential oils, you probably already know that you may purchase one in spritzers or roll-on bottles. Both essential oil spritzers and roll-ons are handy, as you may bring them with you wherever you want and in all circumstances. Now, you may even customise your aromatherapy recipes for essential oil spritzers and roll-ons yourself. 

However, if someone asks your preference between the two, how do you decide which one is better? If you are interested in planning to use either a spritzer or roll-on bottle for your essential oils, you are at the right place. In this article, we will share some critical considerations before opting for one over the other:

Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Essential Oil Spritzer or Roll-on

If you are confused about which between the two to make, ask yourself these three essential questions:

1. What Is My Purpose for Using Essential Oils?

If you plan to use your essential oils as an air freshener, you can’t make use of a roll-on, so you should make a spray instead. Meanwhile, if you want something to use for spot treatment, a roll-on would be better to use than a spray.

2. Will an Aromatic or Topical Application Be Best Used for Aromatherapy Benefits? 

A spritzer will be the ideal option if you desire to have your essential oil as something helpful to your mood, respiratory system, and overall mental health. By passively breathing these in or by its aromatic application, you will easily feel more relaxed.

On the other hand, if you have acne, bruises, or simply like using your essential oil in a particular part of your body like your head, then it is best to use a roll-on. You may topically apply this to any area quickly and easily.

3. If I Use It as a Perfume, Would I Like to Spray It onto Something or Dab Its Scent in Certain Areas?

For this question, the answer will ultimately depend upon your personal preferences. You will also likely use the product more often because you enjoy its application. 

Where to Use Essential Oil Spritzers 

Generally, people use essential oil spritzers as perfume sprays, for as easy as applying its aromatherapy on, you are good to go anywhere you like. However, if you plan to make one, you might want to only use long-lasting spray/spritzer bottles. Now, aside from body perfumes, essential oil spritzers can also be used as air fresheners in your rooms and as cleaning sprays. 

Where to Use Essential Oil Roll-Ons

As for essential oil roll-ons, people typically use them for inhalation. You may directly put them under your nose as you take a deep breath or dab the roll-on on either your palm or wrist and hold them under your nose while you breathe in. More so, roll-ons are also best to make if what you have are essential oils for sleep. These can also serve as an aromatherapy spot application, which is helpful as an addition to first aid kits.


Both essential oil roll-ons and spray bottles come with their own benefits. In the end, your choice must depend on your personal preference and how you plan on using your essential oils. Also, be sure to consider the questions shared above so that you can make well-informed decisions moving forward!

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