Finding the Optimal Carrier Oil for Your Essential Oil Blend

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The benefits of essential oils have been shared countless times already. It’s been for good reason as they can help bring many calming and beautifying properties to the user. Some may experience essential oils being a little too heavy, though, taking a while to absorb into the skin. In those cases, using a carrier oil to thin out your blend would be the best solution.

If you’re curious about the difference, a carrier oil was curated to dilute your essential oils. This can be pretty helpful for different objectives or when you want to use an essential oil blend on younger people.

Just like any product though, you have to find the right carrier oil for you and your blend. Here’s what you should consider when picking one:


Essential oil blends are commonly used for pain relief, skincare, and aromatherapy. There are also more specific ways to use them, such as in the bath or during a migraine. Carrier oils don’t just help thin out the blend, but they can also bring several other properties and nutrients to the mix.

If your essential oil blend is curated to target and boost your health, a carrier oil such as Almond Sweet Oil would be great to mix in. Almond Sweet Oil is known to further improve your immune system and introduce anti-inflammatory properties to your blend if it didn’t already.

Skin Type

Most blends with carrier oils are applied to the skin. Some may find it to be perfect for their face and body, while others may cause more breakouts or discomfort. This adverse reaction can often be credited to a mismatch between the carrier oil and one’s skin type.

The same carrier oil can have a different outcome depending on whether or not you have dry, oily, normal or combination skin. One of the most versatile kinds of carrier oil is Apricot Kernel Oil since it matches all sorts of skins.


Keep in mind that carrier oils have almost no scent to them. But there are a definite number of them that tend to stand out a lot more. If you have made an essential oil blend with the perfect odour, choose a carrier oil with a more neutral smell. Try to be wary of any noticeable scents that can alter the overall scent.


Certain essential oil blends can seem thick and heavy on some people by themselves already, so avoid carrier oils that the skin may find harder to absorb. Instead, use carrier oils that help the blend be a bit better in consistency. It’s best compared to an emollient, which helps prep and make the resulting product much easier to sink into the skin.


When ordering carrier oil, pick ones that have a longer shelf life. Bottles of this product usually last for at least three to six months if you’re lucky. And, since you don’t always use everything up in one essential oil blend, store away some unused carrier oils. You can incorporate them in a newer concoction to save a bit on cash and oils.


Carrier oils are truly handy to mix and perfect an essential oil blend. And, if you think about all these factors and read the descriptions, you should be able to find and purchase the best carrier oil for your blend.

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