How to Clean a Diffuser with Products You Can Find at Home

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Staying at home for a long time can easily make us bored and weary, especially now that we have to do more things at home because it is safer for everyone. In fact, working from home has become the new normal for many people worldwide, and because of this, we sometimes lose the boundaries between work and being at home. 

Our new setup has also forced us to find ways to lessen the stress of increased activities at home. The use of oil diffusers at home can effectively help reduce your stress levels, giving you a low tox living environment. If you want to know more about its benefits, various essential oil books and reference information can be of great help.

Diffusers are good not just because of their smell but also because of their ability to instantly give us a different environment. If you use diffusers every day, you must remember to clean them more frequently to avoid clogging and possible damage. 

In this article, we will share our guide to help you clean your diffusers with the use of products you can find at home:

Things you will need:


Distilled vinegar (5% acidity) 

Microfibre cloth

Cotton buds

Rubbing alcohol

The cleaning process:

Keep in mind that diffusers will accumulate dust over time, and since they need oil to work, oil residue may mix with the dust and disable the diffuser from functioning optimally. Here’s how you should clean the diffusers.

  1. Before cleaning the diffuser, make sure that it is not plugged.
  2. Empty the diffuser if there is any water left.
  3. Refill the diffuser with water up to half of its volume.
  4. Dissolve a ½ teaspoon of distilled vinegar to break down mineral deposits and kill moulds.
  5. Plug and turn on the diffuser. Let it work for 15 minutes so that the vinegar solution can dissolve all the oil and dust buildup.
  6. Turn it off and unplug and remove the vinegar solution from the reservoir.
  7. Wipe and dry the chamber using a microfibre cloth.
  8. With your cotton buds, dip it in rubbing alcohol and use it to remove the residue from the ultrasonic plate.
  9. Using the microfibre cloth again, damp it with clean water, and wipe off the dust on the exterior and power cord of the diffuser. 
  10. Check the exhaust vents and control if there are specks of dirt blocking them. Then, wipe them off using a clean damp cloth.
  11. Reassemble the diffuser and refill it with fresh water. Add any essential oil that you like.

With these steps, your diffuser will be clean and ready to work again. Cleaning your diffuser will also help it regain its power to function like it’s brand new! The cleaning tips we just shared is a deep cleaning process that can be done at least once a month. However, there is a different process if you want to do it routinely or every time you change the scent. Similarly, cleaning it frequently is more applicable if your diffuser is working every day.


Diffusers are believed to be helpful for our overall well-being, as there are essential oils for babies, sleep, anxiety, and more. Since we are using diffusers to fill our home with healthy scented air, it is proper to consistently clear it from dirt and bacteria so that your diffusers won’t become germ generators!

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