The Purpose of Different Types of Crystals: Explained


Many have long been fascinated with crystals and gemstones because of their healing and energetic properties. They are popular stones, especially for people interested in spirituality, energy work and feng shui. Crystals not only add aesthetic value because of their different colours and shapes, but they also provide other purposes related to life and surroundings. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the different types of crystals and their purposes, we will explain them in this article. It’s essential to know these details, so you can only buy ethically sourced crystals and those that can support healing and positive energy. 

Let’s get to it! 

1. Rose Quartz Can Activate Love, Forgiveness and Compassion

Rose quartz crystals are associated closely with the Heart Chakra, making it ideal for activating love, forgiveness and compassion. It can help release toxic energies and emotions, making it easy for you to forgive and understand situations. If you want to promote these kinds of positive emotions inside your home, try placing rose quartz in your living room or dining area. 

2. Yellow Tiger Eye Can Help Release Fear and Anxiety

Yellow tiger eye crystals, also known as the tiger’s eye, is a stone that promotes harmony and balance. It is said to be the ultimate power crystal that can help release fear and anxiety. If ever you are feeling this way, add a piece of yellow tiger eye crystal to your accessories to absorb the negative energy. Yellow tiger eye crystals can also drive inspiration, perspective and good luck. 

3. Clear Quartz Can Support You to Manifest Your Intentions

This kind of crystal connects to every Chakra, and it gives powerful energy to amplify your intentions. You can use clear quartz crystals for things that you have particular intentions for. For example, your refrigerator stores food that can nourish you; if you place clear quartz crystals here, you enhance the nourishment you receive from your food. 

4. Amethyst Can Provide Serenity

Amethysts are perfect for meditation because they carry calming and serene energy to help you unwind and relax. This crystal balances the Crown Chakra, and it can also boost your confidence. When you are meditating, place amethyst in your area to promote more peace and serenity. 

5. Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Can Absorb and Neutralise Negative Energy and Stress

If you are looking for crystals that can absorb your negative energy and stress due to your work or studies, try placing rainbow fluorite crystals on your working area. This kind of crystal is perfect for those who are working from home right now. It is also helpful for grounding and harmonising. Moreover, it opens and stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, and the green colour fluorite cleanses and purifies the Heart Chakra. 


Surprisingly, crystals can add value and help improve your life. By knowing the purpose of the different types of crystals, you can choose the right one you prefer or need. Just remember to put your crystals in good energy areas, such as your dining area, living room, main entryway, or your altars, so that you can experience their maximum effect. Now that you know more about crystals, it’s time to look for your perfect stone. 

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