Essential Oils for Horses -DIY Label and Recipe Set


Essential Oils for Horses

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DIY Set includes;

This kit allows users to make 10 of their horse spray blends.

Make all 10 Spray Recipes including:

  1. Healthy Hoof – helps maintain healthy hooves
  2. Breathe – helps maintain clear airways
  3. Bugs – effective insect repellent
  4. Digestion – helps reduce occasional abdominal discomfort and promote healthy digestion
  5. Moody Mare – helps balance hormones and stabilize emotions
  6. Muscles – assists with mild discomfort associated with an active lifestyle or strain
  7. Anxious – for use prior to stressful event for calming effect
  8. Focus – helps with focus, staying on task and maintaining calm mind
  9. Skin Soother  Рhelps distressed skin recover
  10. Joints – helps with mild joint, tendon and ligament discomfort






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