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Aroma Inhaler Recipe Sheet Only


Recommended to be used in conjunction with the Aroma Inhaler Labels


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  • Aroma Inhaler recipes include: 
    • Blends for the BODY 
      • Clear AIRWAYS – Promotes easy breathing and opens airways 
      • Immunity BOOSTER – Supports healthy respiratory function
      • Motion EASE – Eases feelings of queasiness or nausea
      • Seasonal SOOTHE – Assists with seasonal threats
    • Blends for the MIND 
      • Keep CALM – Relax the mind and calm emotions
      • Morning SUNSHINE – Stimulates mood and lessens feelings of tension
      • Open MIND –  Brings clarity and awareness and encourages concentration
      • Restful NIGHT – Promotes sleep and relaxation, calming, relaxing and grounding
    • Blends for the SOUL 
      • Be BRAVE – Uplifts mood and soothes feelings of anger, reduces irritability and anxious feelings
      • Deep THOUGHT – Helps meditation and evokes feelings of energy and balance
      • Inspire ME – Motivates and soothe anxious feelings and uplifts your mood
      • Let GO – Relieves feelings of tension, maintains feelings of serenity, satisfaction and spirituality




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