Using Plant-Based Oil Healing for Headaches and Migraines

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Many of our common body aches and pains can be solved by plant-based oil organics. While the advancement of science and medicine has helped treat illnesses and conditions successfully. Plant-based aromatherapy accessories are now also used for natural healing that does more good for our bodies.

Do you suffer from headaches and migraines regularly? Do you want to try a more holistic and natural approach to your pain issues? Here are details about plant-based oil healing that can help you.

Plant-Based Essential Oil Relief

Our years of working with essential oils have shown that they are versatile healing agents. Our essential oils can help with sleep, inflammation, and anxiety. They work equally well as oil balm applications, diffuser scents, or handy pendants that you can smell to relax anytime.

These methods work well to ease heavy migraines and headaches triggered by stress, anxiety, exhaustion, or other extreme conditions. You can use them for a cold compress to the head or as a warm compress on the back of the neck to relax your nerves.

Just as these elements can trigger and lead to debilitating headaches, oils can trigger relaxation and brain-calming effects to gradually reduce the intensity of bad migraines. These methods may be more beneficial to health than the standard pharmaceutical solutions that can be toxic to organs when used excessively.

Certain Precautions

When using our oils for the first time, take necessary precautions, especially for headaches and migraines. The strong herbal scents may surprise you. Start small and gradually increase until you can breathe it in without any problems.

Also, while generally non-toxic, some oils carry extra precautions as well. Peppermint oil is off-limits to kids and people with heart problems because of its chemical composition. Rosemary oil, which comes in three different varieties, has varying effects on pregnant women, persons with epilepsy, and people with high blood pressure. Even lemon oil causes phototoxicity or extreme sensitivity to sunlight, so avoid the sun when you’ve used it on your skin.

Our Roster of Essential Oils

Lavender oil provides effective headache relief, fitting for headaches from stress and anxiety. Many clinics use this organic oil for other illnesses and health conditions as well.

Lemon oil effectively provides relief to tension headaches while maintaining a level of alertness.

Peppermint oil has menthol, and it has been around for a while for its analgesic properties that help reduce nausea and nasal and sinus congestion issues. It reduces the heavy headache pain and helps the person relax and calm down.

Roman chamomile oil provides soothing and relaxative fumes to calm the muscles, relax the body, and reduce inflammation in the body. It may help as an essential oil for sleep.

Rosemary oil offers relaxing and calming properties that can help migraine and headache sufferers, similar to the properties of peppermint or eucalyptus oils, despite being off-limits to certain individuals.

Final Notes

Plant-based oils can be used for better health. These essential oils are effective against headaches and migraines, providing a more healthy and less toxic approach compared to pharmaceutical drugs that may not be as effective as organic products.

Anita’s Oil Essentials offer these healing aromatherapy accessories and products as safe and plant-based alternatives to common headache and migraine issues. Some people don’t respond well to pharma-based solutions and may heal better with organic methods. Call us for more organic-based solutions to your recurring health issues today.

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