About Us

Hi, We are Anita's Oil Essentials

We are committed to providing quality aromatherapy and essential oil accessories and Therapeutic grade essential oils and with good oil fashion customer service!

We are a small family owned and run business located just 15 minutes north of  Perth with easy access from both the Mitchell Freeway and Reid Highway.

Our products include therapeutic grade essential oils; Lively Living Aroma Diffusers; Qaulity roller bottles; Glass spray and Pump bottles; PET spray and Pump bottles; jars; lip balm pots; essential oil reference books and booklets; quality pouches; and carry cases/boxes; rollerball make and take kits; labels, Lava Links Jewellery; Carrier Oils; Sample Vials and many more quality products with more items being added on a regular basis.

~ Anita

Apply 1 - 2 drops of Sandalwood essential oil to wet hair to restore moisture, and give hair a silky shine.
To keep your garbage bin smelling fresh, sprinkle 1 or 2 drops of Lemon essential oil into the bottom of the garbage bin before putting the bag in.
Add a drop of Lime essential oil to water for enhanced flavour and antioxidant support.
Add drops of Rose essential oil to body and hand lotion to balance moisture levels in the skin.