Polysorbate 80


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Polysorbate 80

Introducing Polysorbate 80 – your helpful kitchen assistant for all your hair, body, and DIY projects! If you’re looking for an emulsifier and nonionic surfactant to better mix oil and water, this is the perfect product! Polysorbate 80 is soluble in alcohol, butters, and water, as well as insoluble in oils – so you’ll get maximum benefits at minimal effort.

We love using Polysorbate 80 in our cosmetics products- it helps with modifying viscosity and can also be used to disperse fragrances or essential oils particularly in heavier creams, carrier oils, or bath products. It works perfectly when whipping up a nice body cream due to its foaming capabilities. Plus it helps prevent any staining that may be caused by dyes or micas, making sure your bathroom tub always remains squeaky clean!

Good news- Polysorbate 80 is suitable for a variety of applications like scrubs, lotions, room sprays and even bombs- so feel free to get creative with it no matter what the project. Its ease of use combined with its purity levels helping retain both fizz and aroma makes it the perfect companion for anyone who likes some extra pampering. So go ahead and try out Polysorbate 80Today to give yourself a special gift of brilliance!

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