The Benefits of Adding Almond Oil to Your Skincare Routine

Almond Sweet Oil

Almonds are commonly known as snacks or ingredients to trail mix. However, they not only serve as healthy treats; their nutty oil can also be incorporated into your skincare routine. In fact, Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practices have used it for centuries to soothe and soften the skin. Besides revitalising your skin, it also promotes faster healing to treat cuts and minor wounds. If you want to know how to start using it on your skin, use this article as your guide.

What Are the Nutrients of Almond Oil?

When using almond oil for your skin, keep in mind that this oil comes in two types: sweet and bitter. The sweet variant provides more benefits for your skin containing these nutrients:

  • Vitamin E: This nutrient is packed with antioxidant properties that may delay signs of aging, prevent cell damage, and reduce ultraviolet damage caused by the sun.
  • Vitamin A:  This vitamin contains retinol that can smooth fine lines, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and stimulate the production of new skin cells.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These nutrients may protect your skin against sun damage and prevent premature aging.
  • Zinc: If you are dealing with acne or facial scars, this essential nutrient can help address your skin concerns.

What Will Using Almond Oil Do to My Face? 

Applying almond oil to the skin has lots of potential benefits. It contains anti-inflammatory and emollient properties, which can reduce puffiness in your under-eyes and improve your overall skin tone and complexion. It can also treat dry skin, reverse sun damage, get rid of acne, and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

How Can I Use Almond Oil on My Skin?

Almond oil can be used on your face in different ways. Here are some of them:

As a Cleanser

Almond oil is a carrier oil. This means it can carry other essential oils more deeply into your skin. For this reason, you can mix it with other essential oils that provide skin benefits, like lavender, rose geranium, lemon, or rosehip oil. But before applying them to your skin, make sure to do a patch test first.

To use almond oil as a cleanser, add a few drops of the essential oil to each ounce of almond oil, mix well, then apply the mixture to damp skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove any oily residue.

As a Makeup Remover

Almond oil can easily remove makeup. To use it as a makeup remover, apply a small amount of oil into your palm and massage it onto your face using circular motions. Remove the oil with warm water or cotton pads, then finish cleaning your face by washing it with a cleanser.

As a Moisturizer

Almond oil can keep your skin hydrated and plump as a moisturizing oil. Use it by washing and drying your skin like usual, then gently pat a small amount of oil onto your face. No need to rinse it off; let it absorb into your skin.


Almond oil can soften, soothe, and treat the skin due to its high nutrient content, which makes it a popular skincare ingredient. To start getting its benefits and achieve healthier, younger-looking skin, buy skincare products with almond oil, mix it with your other essential oils, or apply it to your skin on its own. Don’t forget to purchase only from a reliable store like ours to ensure the quality of your item.

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