How do you use Crystals with Essential Oils?

Gemstone Roller Bottles

This is a question I get asked so often, How do I know what crystals to use with which essential oils?

1. Choose your Crystal

Many people including myself choose crystals and essential oils intuitively. What this means, you take a moment to choose oils and crystals that you are drawn to, trust me your body knows what it needs!

Once you have chosen your crystal, you can then research the many healing properties of this crystal, this will help you identify why you were drawn to this particular crystal at this time. Why did you choose this crystal? What are you needing? How does it resonate with your current situation?

2. Choose your Essential Oil

Now that you have chosen your crystal and found why you need it, it is time to pair it with your desired oil.

To ensure the crystal and oil gives you the best result, you need to understand the desired end result you are after. We recommend have an Essential Oils reference guide on have to help you to return as specific concern, if it is emotions you are working on we recommend using the Essential Emotions book.

E.g. If you have chosen red jasper as your crystal and found that after researching perhaps you need it for confidence, then go to the Essential Emotions book and choose an oil or a couple that it suggests for confidence.

3. Using your Crystal and Essential Oil Together

I find the best way to use crystals and essential oils together is in an essential oil roller bottle, you can choose to use crystal chips inside the bottle or a gemstone roller top or even both. You may also choose to hold your crystal during meditation while diffusing your chosen Essential Oil. We also have a range of Aromatherapy Diffuser available.


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