Utilising Essential Oils When Treating Colds and Coughs

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Having a cold and cough isn’t exactly the most worrying thing in the world, but it can be quite annoying to deal with. Not being able to speak and going through the day with a runny nose can be frustrating. Luckily, there are a few natural remedies that you can try out at home. Essential oils can be a great way of improving your overall condition.

This isn’t surprising as evidence points to essential oils being fairly effective as an aid in treating the common cold and occasional cough, even with preventing them. Many cultures also promote the use of essential oils throughout history as a remedy, so it’s definitely worth a shot if you want to ease any distress and sniffles you’ve been undergoing.

Keep reading to know how to choose the essential oils and how you can utilise them.

Check Single Oils

Single oils can be quite potent as you gain the pure benefits of them. Some people tend to prefer getting singles and using them on their own. However, you can also attempt to make your own custom blend using the singles you’ve purchased by mixing them up. Just be wary of the difference in scents and benefits.

Here are some of the best oils that can help with colds and coughs:

  • Bergamot. Bergamot can help in decreasing the cortisol levels of a person, which helps in reducing the inflammation that colds and coughs can bring. This essential oil is best known for regulating and improving heart health and cholesterol levels.
  • Tea Tree. Tea tree is known for being potent protection against different viruses, preventing sinus infections and respiratory issues. It can free up both your nose and throat, and it does help that it smells quite minty and fresh.
  • Lavender. Lavender is one of the more popular types of essential oils, though it is well-deserved thanks to the benefit and scent that it can give. Lavender can help in reducing cortisol, just like Bergamot, and it’s generally soothing. You can still get a wink of sleep if you decide to pick up some lavender while you’re sneezing and coughing.

Explore Oil Blends

If you’re looking for an oil blend to get different kinds of benefits from multiple liquids, it can be as simple as putting together different single oils. However, there’s also premade mixes available that can help you get over the cold and cough that you’re dealing with.

There are essential oil blends that were specifically made for improving the body’s immune support and cleaning it out. You can also opt to get a mixture that was curated for improving rest and relaxation even with a bit of an ongoing sickness. 

Use the Essential Oils

There are a number of ways of how you can use the essential oils while nursing a cold and cough. One of the most popular ways that are perfect for more sensitive noses and skin is through diffusion. Having the oils aerated makes it easier to breathe in. 

There are also some oils made for topical applications, directly putting the drops onto the skin. Be sure to check the label before you do so and test just one drop of the blend to gauge your personal skin sensitivity.


Essential oils don’t require much fuss in terms of use, but some research and patch tests would help ensure that you get a good experience out of them. Soon enough, your cold and cough will be gone, allowing you to fully enjoy the smell of the essential oils.

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