Supa Salve (Healing Balm) Kit

Supa Salve Healing Balm
Our Supa salve (Healing Balm) is the perfect replacement if you currently use Vaseline products as this recipe doesn’t contain petroleum jelly. Our Supa Salve can be used all over the body to help heal and soothe wounds, skin irritations and much more. It is handy to have some made up for your first aid kit and it is extremely easy to do.
This recipe will make a lovely soft salve that smells amazing and is full of healing ingredients. You can change the consistency by added more or less beeswax.
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1. Add carrier oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax to a glass bowl, heat until completely melted, using either a microwave or the double boiler method. (Double boiler method– place bowl on a pot of gently simmering water and stir frequently; Microwave method– heat in short bursts on low, stopping and stirring frequently). Remove from heat.

2. Add remaining ingredients and mix until combined.

3. Transfer into container of choice. We recommend using our 100ml Clear glass cream jars or something similar. 

4. Place into the fridge or freezer to set (this will reduce the chance of graininess developing over time).

To Use

Scoop a small amount of super salve and apply sparingly to areas as required.

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